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CR 1000 East Phase One (Completed 6/29/2005)

The project was a new construction of County Road 1000E located from SR 3 to Mapes Road (a total of 3.36 miles of new road construction).  Here are some before and after photos.  Phase Two starts at the end of Phase one and terminates at SR 6 and is scheduled to begin in early 2007.

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CR 1000 East Phase Two

County Bridge Number 132 Located on CR 800 East Between County Road 100N and Baseline Road

The Project is scheduled for a mid 2007 start and will replace the existing Railroad Bridge that was built in approximately 1920.  The contract is presently in the right of way purchasing phase and will be placed on a bid letting as soon as this is complete.

The Project is scheduled for an mid 2007 start and will be approximately 0.83 miles in length.  The newly reconstructed roadway will include a new bridge to be built over the Norfolk Southern Railroad located along the corporate limits of Kendallville.  This project is a joint effort between Noble County and The City of Kendallville.